Sasha Dam

Sable German Shepherd


"Puppies now Available"

"Now days Crime is at it's highest"

If you are looking for a dog that will protect your family and love ones we have them.

​​Reno Sire

Belgian Malinois

JOBS Duties : Narcotics, Trailing, Cadaver, Ammo casing, Protection

"Meet The Parents"

New Puppies

Bingo Sire

​Belgian Malinois

Princess Dam

East German Shepherd

JOB Duties: Narcotics, Trailing, Cadaver


Meet the other parents

Meet the older siblings


Our Parents have excellent Temperament

"Never buy the Puppies, buy the parents If the parents  both have good Temperament Then Pick the puppy of your choice"

The Combination Of German Shepherd and Belgian Malinois Make an excellent Dog...

The balance between them make them good for any purpose.

New Puppies

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